Quality politics of Rötelmann GmbH

Quality and precision are decisive factors in the world of abundance and mass production. We combine our name and the design of our products with the idea of highest quality and most demanding precision. We offer first-class products which provide our customers with pleasure and arrange for positive experiences. The satisfaction of our customers is the guideline of our behaviour in everything we do.

Increasingly, the total value of a product is determined by a growing share of services. Therefore, we are continuously striving, not only to increase the quality of our products, but also to offer our customers a service which leaves no wishes unfulfilled.

Based on these premises, employees and management commit themselves to the following principles:

  • The customer pays the salary and not the accounting.
  • Qualified and motivated employees are the simplest way to reach comprehensive quality levels.
  • Quality does not only mean that technical requirements are fulfilled. It also means that the complete range of services, from the respect of deliveries right up to customer satisfaction, corresponds to the requirements of the customer.
  • Every employee is alone responsible for the quality of his actions.
  • Quality can not be tested into the products, it is created in production.
  • Costs can be reduced only by error prevention and not by trouble shooting.
  • Only if one has a target, one knows the direction in which to go. Therefore targets not only have to be set but also have to be verified and adapted.
  • In order to obtain and develop a comprehensive quality management system, we have to involve not only customers and employees but also suppliers.

This quality management guarantees the cooperation of all interests involved in the production workflow through establishment of fixed structures and processes. For these reasons the management has decided on the introduction, maintenance and further development of a quality system which is best suited to our company structure and production organisation. This quality system fulfils the demands of the standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The introduction of this politics is supervised by internal and external audits as well as the quality management assessment of the management. With the signature below the table of contents of the quality management manual and under the declaration of principle the quality management system is implemented.

Werdohl, January 30th 2019

Rötelmann GmbH
Ludwig Kirchhoff-Stewens
Managing Director