Fake emails

Fake e-mails are currently circulating that have our Rötelmann GmbH company data in the signature. Please check e-mails carefully and delete them if they do not appear to be serious.

25th anniversary

Oliver Reuter is with Rötelmann since January 1, 1997. First he supported us in the development of our ERP and R:BASE data systems. Now he is responsible for all IT tasks at Rötelmann as a team leader. We would like to thank him for his competence and his kindness and congratulate him on his anniversary!


Roetelmann invested in new machine technology

Since November 2021 a new transfer machine has been installed in the facilities of Roetelmann GmbH. The one-million Euro investment enables us to produce ball valve housings from raw material to finished housings in six steps and guarantees time saving and quality assurance.

The delivery was an exciting event. The transport with centimeter precision through the entrance gates of Roetelmann GmbH to the prepared and marked area was impressively trouble-free. We would like to thank all those who supported us to place the machine on the right place.


Once again a trade fair, the PTC Asia in Shanghai, took place under extraordinary conditions. Many thanks to Rötelmann China for the organization!


First aid training at Rötelmann GmbH

10 employees show responsibility when they learned how to act quickly and correctly in emergency situations. Many thanks to Silvia Krawietz and Linda Beyer from Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V. (Order of Malta Volunteers).



Video Project with Realschule Werdohl

For Rötelmann GmbH, especially for the managing director Ludwig Kirchhoff-Stewens, it is a point of honor to support the youth in their school video project. The Realschule Werdohl participated in a LEADER-funded video project. Pupils interviewed our apprentices, some employees and the managing director to learn about apprenticeship and also how to use a 3D videocamera. They were supported by Martin Büdenbender (photographer) and Andreas Haubrichs (Stadt Werdohl). We look forward to watching the video, which will be available in autumn.