Rötelmann’s excavator ball valves – Safe tool changing!

Modern excavators are extremely versatile machines. With the aid of a hydraulic quick-change system, it is easy to change from bucket to grabber. When the bucket is not in use, the changeover system has a tendency to pull the piston rod out of the cylinder, due to its weight. Rötelmann’s excavator ball valves solve this problem, making it faster and safer to change attachments. The ball valves close off both sides of the bucket cylinder. The integrated check valve function enables the piston rod to retract into the cylinder, therefore preventing the rod from being pulled out. In driving position, the check valve function is reversed, so that the bucket cannot touch the road surface.

At a glance

Excavator ball valves
  • 3 positions for bucket, grabber and driving modes
  • Pressure limiting valve
  • Ball valves for piston side right/left
  • Ball valves for rod side right/left
  • Ball valves for all popular excavator manufacturers
  • Retrofitting possible
  • Handles included, special designs possible
  • Actuators and special designs possible